Yosemite Nature Notes: A Yosemite Web Video Series - 2011

Yosemite Nature Notes: A Yosemite Web Video Series - 2011

Steven Bumgardner films a Yosemite Nature Notes video

Yosemite Nature Notes web video series is a very successful way of sharing Yosemite National Park with thousands of people around the world.

These dynamic videos, produced by an award-winning team, explore Yosemite’s most interesting places, including Half Dome and Yosemite Falls, bringing them to life. Park rangers and interpreters share their passion for the park as they take you on up close tours. The images are beautiful, the stories they share are fascinating and you can even pass them along to friends and family instantly.

Yosemite comes to life in high-definition digital video. Each episode is 5-7 minutes long and perfect for sharing on social media. This easy way of communicating encourages a whole new generation of viewers to connect with Yosemite. The series is accessible, educational and inspiring. This web video series takes its name from our historic printed journal Yosemite Nature Notes, which was published from 1922-1985, and carries on this important tradition into the digital age.

Yosemite Conservancy donor funding means that more videos will be produced and distributed. Yosemite Nature Notes is inspiring and educating the next generation of Yosemite stewards.

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Yosemite Nature Notes share unique stories of Yosemite’s cultural and natural history to viewers around the globe. This web-video series helps connect people to the amazing landscape of Yosemite.

Steve Bumgardner
Producer, Yosemite Nature Notes