Revitalize Yosemite Valley Theater - 2014

Revitalize Yosemite Valley Theater - 2014

The Yosemite Theater welcomes new visitors with a new entrance, and upgraded audio and visual components.

The Yosemite Theater is used eight hours a day, 365 days a year by education- and youth-program participants, park scientists, local and visiting experts, and the visiting public. Each year, more than half a million visitors watch Spirit of Yosemite, and tens of thousands more attend other programs and events in the theater. Over the years, that near-constant use took a toll on the theater system, causing it to fail frequently and negatively affect visitors’ experiences. 

In 2014, anticipating the Yosemite and National Park Service anniversary events, the Conservancy funded a full upgrade of the theater’s audio and visual systems, replacing the old model with a state-of-the-art system that produces spectacular pictures and sound. This project also refurbished the theater foyer and installed a digital marquee, creating an inviting entrance that reflects the quality of the events and films inside.

With your help, the Yosemite Theater is offering consistent, high-quality and engaging experiences are for park visitors in every season.

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Project Notes

This is our theater of granite and sky … where a climber hangs above the world, while below a celebrated naturalist tells the story of his life, a Buffalo Soldier wanders close by on patrol, and a man remembers through song the romance of a Yosemite that was. Here, there’s always tension in the cliffs and waterfalls, and tales of great adventure play out in the darkness of night.

Shelton Johnson
Park Ranger, Author and Performer
Yosemite National Park