Junior Ranger Program - 2012

Junior Ranger Program - 2012

Children and youth explore nature in Yosemite’s popular Junior Ranger Program.

With additional summer and winter Junior Ranger Programs now offered in Yosemite, even more children have the opportunity to participate. The results are impressive: In 2010, more than 25,000 children became Yosemite Junior Rangers, a dramatic increase from 15,000 in 2008 and 6,000 in 2007.

These programs offer outdoor exploration which encourages a love of the outdoors, national parks and a healthy lifestyle. By completing ranger-led activities, including nature walks—with rangers engaging children through hands-on activities like identifying natural bear food—to finishing work books, kids can earn their Junior Ranger status. In 2012, new technology supplemented the traditional learning tools by presenting apps and visual media for a broader learning experience. Young children leave the park proudly sporting their Junior Ranger badge.

Thanks to your continued support there are more programs, more rangers, more children learning about and connecting with the outdoors and Yosemite.

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These programs help make meaningful and lifelong connections for youth to places such as Yosemite.

Shauna Potocky
Branch Chief of Education
Yosemite National Park