CCC Crews Restore Trails: Tuolumne River Watershed – 2019

CCC Crews Restore Trails: Tuolumne River Watershed – 2019

Young adults transform miles of trails during five months of hands-on learning and stewardship with the California Conservation Corps. Photo: Courtesy of NPS

For nearly three decades, Conservancy donors have supported the California Conservation Corps program in Yosemite, enabling diverse young adults (ages 18–25) to spend a season restoring trails, exploring environmental stewardship and developing key skills.

During their spring and summer months in Yosemite, CCC crewmembers work side-by-side with experienced park professionals on critical restoration projects to ensure the long-term health of backcountry trails and surrounding habitat. Along the way, they also learn about Sierra Nevada ecology, geology and history; wilderness navigation; Leave No Trace ethics; and more.

The 2019 CCC crew will focus on trails in northern Yosemite, starting at Hetch Hetchy and working into the surrounding wilderness. During the course of the season, participants will learn and apply key restoration and rockwork skills while transforming dozens of miles of trails — and build a foundation for success in future endeavors.

Your support will fund improvements on Yosemite’s beloved trails while helping to shape the next generation of park stewards.

Partnering with Yosemite National Park and California Conservation Corps

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Project Notes

This is a unique opportunity for the young men and women of this country to step up and learn firsthand the importance of the national park system. Giving them your support enables a new generation to experience, grow and shape the future of Yosemite.

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