Preserve Yosemite’s Horse & Mule Tradition – 2017

Preserve Yosemite’s Horse & Mule Tradition – 2017

Replacing corral feeders will help ensure Yosemite’s horses and mules can continue to provide essential services and duties. Photo: NPS.

Yosemite’s historic and cultural legacy would not exist without the contributions of horses and mules. For more than a century, stock animals have helped rangers conduct patrols, carry out ceremonial duties and transport supplies to the backcountry, quickly and easily traversing rugged terrain throughout the park.

This project helped ensure the safety of Yosemite’s stock animals and their trainers by replacing heavily used corral feeders. Over time, the feeders had started to show signs of wear, with failing joints and sharp edges posing a threat to animals and their handlers. Replacing the feeders helps ensure Yosemite’s horses and mules, and the rangers who work with them, can continue to uphold a rich cultural history while providing essential services. The park also purchased a new horse to join Yosemite’s mounted patrol, continuing efforts to replace recently retired animals and ensure the resilience of an enduring, effective equestrian program.

Your gifts supported the continued success of Yosemite's long-running tradition of working with horses and mules, so visitors today and in the future can connect to the park's past.

Completed in partnership with Yosemite National Park.

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Project Notes
Rangers in the Color Guard ride horses at Yosemite’s Law Day.
Yosemite National Park’s stock program is the service-wide model for stock use and upholds a tradition dating back to the park’s conception.

Justin B. Fey
Acting Mounted Patrol Coordinator
Yosemite National Park