Preserving History: Restoring the Yosemite Cemetery - 2013

Preserving History: Restoring the Yosemite Cemetery - 2013

Reconnecting visitors to an important cultural landmark, the Yosemite Cemetery, through restoring and repairing headstones, fences, and walls.

The Yosemite Cemetery is a tangible link to Yosemite's American Indians and iconic Yosemite stewards such as Galen Clark and James Mason Hutchings. In order to preserve this historic link to the past, the cemetery will undergo rehabilitation to reconnect visitors to this important cultural landmark in Yosemite Village.

In 2013, the historic headstones were restored and repaired with assistance from a stone conservator. The historic-preservation crew and volunteers cleaned headstones and repaired damaged wrought-iron fencing and walls.

Thanks to your support, millions of park visitors are connecting to the deep cultural legacy of Yosemite.

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Project Notes

"The stories that are associated with the people interred in the Yosemite Valley Cemetery are important in understanding the past."

Kevin McCardle
Historical Landscape Architect
Yosemite National Park